After a one year Covid hiatus we’re back!

July 30th – August 1st! 

Tribute Island returns but with a new twist. 

Some might call it a grand experiment. However like so many things that have changed since the advent of the pandemic we decided to embark on a different game plan for 2021. This year we are moving across the water to the Wyndham Garden Hotel site. Some might say we are borrowing a page from Austin and its iconic 6th Street. With us dockside it puts us in the thick of things, close to the Downtown city center.
    Totally devoid of hotel guest parking, the entire waterfront property will be transformed into a festival sight. With this change comes additional amenities including more indoor bathroom facilities and the ability to add to our outdoor stages and also program indoor music utilizing both ballrooms, a plus if we get rain or oppressive heat.
    It also brings everything closer together, less walking to the different stages and the ability to easily sample some of the nearby offsite food and beverage establishments. We’re calling it Tribute Island Dockside….same great entertainment but a bit different including limited capacity. Tickets will go on sale soon and you will want to buy early since this festival capacity is being capped at a lower number than in the past.
Your Questions Have Been Answered
Q. Why did Tribute Island move?

A. Given that an event the size and scope of Tribute Island requires long range planning and with all of the Covid-19 uncertainties we were facing back in January we felt that this might be the year to experiment with a venue change.

Q. Why Wyndham Garden Hotel?

A. Happenings Magazine already enjoys a long successful partnership with the Wyndham Hotel. We are now in our 4th year with the Kenosha Comedy Club and have staged numerous music and concert events on the property. Two years ago, Happenings in partnership with the Wyndham, launched the Lakeside Deck that features a potpourri of live entertainment. Also located across from Simmons Island it is in very close proximity to our original site and on the water.

Q.  Is it big enough to stage this music festival?

A.  Surprisingly yes, the foot print is of sufficient size and can accommodate all of our stages since hotel guests’ cars will be parked offsite.

Q. With nonstop music and all of the excitement the event will create will this be problematic for guests staying at the hotel?

A. Interestingly, if you tried booking a room at the hotel for the last weekend of July you couldn’t do it. The Wyndham blocked out the entire weekend so no one could book in advance. The only way you will be able to stay is if you have a ticket to Tribute Island. That means for some they will have the convenience of being able to literally walk out of their room and be in the thick of things.

Q. Is this a risky proposition for the hotel?

A. Not really when you consider that two years ago over 60 percent of the guests staying the weekend of the festival were attending Tribute Island

Q. How much will a room go for, will it be expensive?

A. Surprisingly no, the Wyndham Hotel owners decided that they wanted to make this year’s move successful with hopes the venue change might be permanent. Consequently they have made their rooms very affordable. You can get a room for as low as $199.

Q. How do I go about booking a room?

A. Please click this link to book a room: